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We wanted to make a place for people in Utah, to easily find the best Utah Photographers. Top Utah Photographers features the best, and most talented photographers in your area. We know how important it is to choose the right photographer to capture the perfect memories for you and your family. Looking back at pictures of your newborn, or having pictures of your perfect wedding day, or having a large family picture hanging up in your house, can bring you so much peace, happiness, and comfort.

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Em J Newborn Photography

The most professional and gentle newborn photographer in Utah. She has worked with hundreds of families who have a tiny bundle of joy. Her calming energy is contagious and your newborn will do great in their first photoshoot! She has her own studio with all the props and accessories you will need for her to give you a lasting memory of your newborn. We are proud to have her on our best Utah Photographers team!

Sarah Lunt Senior Portrait

Sarah Lunt has been in the photography business for almost 15 years. She loves seeing high school kids figure out who they are and bringing that to life in her pictures. There is a big transition period for seniors when they graduate high school. Sarah loves capturing that moment in time for them to look back on, and for the parents to look back on too. She is one of the best Utah Photographers to capture your senior.

Utah Wedding Photographer

Our Top Utah Photographers wouldn't be complete without our wedding photographer. Shauna Warrick travels all over Utah and beyond. She has experience in all types of landscape and repeatedly makes her clients dreams come true. Her style is modern but true colors to give that timeless look. You don't want your photos to look outdated in twenty years and with true color modern look, you'll be drooling over your wedding photos forever!

Family Portraits

With Utah being such a family centered place to live, we know how important it is to have a good Family Photographer to call when it is time to update those family photos. Our Family photographer is able to capture the most precious moments and interactions between families. She is able to show personality in everyone she photographs, ranging from a small family session to a large extended family.

Pictures are Great Gifts

I remember being married for a couple years, and seeing all my friends have pictures with their significant others being posted on social media. I turned to my husband and told him I wanted professional pictures taken of us. 

He didn’t quite understand why because we had our wedding photos. I knew having our pictures taken was more than capturing what we looked like physically. Our love had grown! We had been through multiple moves together, hard times, good times, and everything in between.

Capturing Growth

I wanted the growth in our relationship captured, even though we had not changed much on the outside. And I knew, that the right photographer, could capture that growth, that slightly matured love and emotion in a photograph. I told him that I want to have a permanent memory of the way you look at me now, in this specific time in our lives. 

I wanted someone to capture us being in love! He started to understand, and then he wanted some couples portraits taken too. A couple weeks later, he surprised me with a photoshoot. He got one of the best Utah Photographers to capture our love and I absolutely loved the gesture!

Why is Getting Pictures Done


I imagine many people might think that getting your pictures taken regularly is not that important and tend to not make it a priority. People may think it is only for very photogenic people, or for extra special occasions. But I believe the most special cases of photography are of raw, genuine, emotional, and captures the feelings the person is having in that moment. 

Capturing Moments

And those moments happen everyday, and it is often the mundane moments that people, especially parents, miss the most when they look back on their life. Capturing any moment in a photograph will help you recall whatever feelings you had during that time.. whether it be love, pain, strength, or something else. Whenever you look at that captured photograph, it will help you remember those emotions that are harder to hold onto without them captured.

Making Memories Last

My husband and I used to be at opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to capturing photos. I always tease him because his initial reaction when I pull out my phone to take a picture is to roll his eyes, but then he smiles, wants to see how the photo turned out, and then sets it as his phone wallpaper for the next few weeks. My point is, although some don’t like the process of taking pictures, EVERYONE loves having them! Everyone loves to look back at a special moment in time. 

If you are being hesitant for any reason about getting your photos taken, just know that the right photographer can make those hesitations or worries feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders!


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