8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Salt Lake City

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8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Salt Lake City

The 8 Best Places to take pictures in Salt Lake City is a great start to the many great places throughout Utah to take pictures. Salt Lake City in Utah is one of the most unique places in the United States. It encompasses the city where you can attend concerts, go out to eat at trendy restaurants, and ride scooters downtown to get around. But also, only a few minutes away from the city life, is beautiful canyons, mountains, fields of wildlife, and hiking trails.

best places to take pictures in salt lake city

All throughout Northern Utah, the cities were settled between two stretches of mountains. Anywhere you look, you see the ridges of the mountain top and it is stunning. On the east side of the Wasatch front, there are dozens of canyons that photographers can choose from for photoshoots. Any of these canyons are beautiful, but photographers in Salt Lake City are not limited to the landscape of the mountains. We will go through all the many different styles and backdrops available right in our backyard. Utah is one of the best places to get pictures taken, and here is the Best Places to take pictures in Salt Lake City.

The Bonneville Salt Flats

2370 S Decker Lake Blvd, West Valley City, UT 84119

The first place and one of the most popular places in Salt Lake City to take pictures is the Bonneville Salt Flats. This location is not only unique and popular among photographers but it includes so much history, because it is how the biggest city in Utah got its name. The Bonneville Salt Flats was made possible by what we now know as the Great Salt Lake. 

It used to be called Bonneville Lake and tens of thousands of years ago, the lake covered most of the state of Utah. As the lake got smaller from evaporating, it got saltier and eventually became land with pockets of salt. The Salt Flats in some areas are wet from remnants of the lake, and some areas the land are perfectly flat. It is really an incredible site to see and unlike anything else in the world.

Places in SLC to take pictures

This is one of the best places to take pictures in Salt Lake City because of the natural effect you can bring into the photos. When it is hot, the heat waves cause a reflection that makes the land look like water. And otherwise, it looks like pure white snow. It provides a great opportunity for some beautiful photos. And photographers in Utah have really taken advantage of that. Don’t miss out on capturing some great memories and freezing time at this amazing location.

It is a quite a bit farther west outside Salt Lake City, closer to the border of Nevada, but it is definitely worth the drive. If you take the I-80 West towards Nevada, you’ll drive right through the 30,000 acres of land that makes up the Salt Flats. After driving partly through it, you will get to a spot that is a designated spot to go and experience the flats.

Jordan Pines Campground

Jordan Pines Campground, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Another great place to take pictures in Salt Lake City is Jordan Pines Campground. This campground is not huge, but has a few different camping sites for large groups. It is located up Big Cottonwood Canyon, about halfway up the canyon. It makes for beautiful pictures with the big aspen trees, as well as spruce and fir trees surrounding the area.

SLC Places to take Pictures

Jordan Pines Campground is great for many different styled shoots. The campground sites each have a fire pit so one type of shoot you could do, is a fun family shoot with a bon fire theme. If you are being photographed, ask your photographer if you can bring some roasting sticks with marshmallows and graham crackers. It will sure make for some warm, cozy and fun family photos. 

The campground also has a lake nearby where people go fishing. Big Cottonwood Canyon is so beautiful and known for its never-ending beauty. The Jordan Pines Campground offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains peaks with vibrant trees as far as you can see. This would make for a great couple or wedding shot, the focus being the landscape that speaks for itself.

Lots of Styling Options at Jordan Pines

Jordan Pines is not limited to its campground, picnic table style. There are open fields with trees as your backdrop which is a common style as well with photographers in SLC. This is definitely one of the 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Salt Lake City! Depending on the season, you can have a beautiful field of dry grass in the summer, fall colors, or snow-covered trees. This place is a photographer favorite in Utah.

Donut Falls

9877 E Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Not far from Jordan Pines Campground is Donut Falls. Donut falls is actually a hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon, but a lot of people take pictures at the base of the hike. There is a parking lot with open areas to take pictures. Many people go there for engagement, wedding, and family pictures. The background is so beautiful! Last time I personally went up there, there was an artist actually painting the landscape on his canvas. THAT is how beautiful it is.

The hike is a couple miles long and there are little gems along the path that you can also get your pictures taken. It is called Donut Falls because the trail leads to a waterfall where the rock is shaped like a donut! You really can’t go wrong going anywhere up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Downtown is a great options for one of the best places to take pictures in Salt Lake City if you’re looking for a more urban, industrial vibe to your photoshoot. There are a lot of great options too! 

If you go to the Gallivan Center in Downtown, there are many good locations in and around the outdoor amphitheater. City Creek Mall is also a great starting location for a Downtown photoshoot. There is a bridge that overlooks the main street that sits between City Creek Mall. The street also has a UTA Trax that runs on it which always makes a good addition to a downtown photoshoot. 

The Capital Building always makes a great background for urban styled photos as well. Most of these places are within walking distance depending on how long you have for the photoshoot. Another great option and perk of doing a photoshoot downtown is the scooters they have available to get to different places around Downtown quicker and easier! Not to mention, a lot more fun!

Tunnel Springs Park

1010 Parkway Dr, North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Tunnel springs park is perfect for an open field shoot with subtle mountains in the distance. It is located in North Salt Lake. Sometimes an open field is the perfect location for getting your pictures taken. I think it allows the focus to be on the subjects and the background makes a great addition without taking away from the beauty of the people in the photograph.

Memory Grove Park

300 N Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Memory Grove Park looks like a wedding venue brides dream of. There is lots of greenery, a river running through the park with a cute bridge, a gazebo, lots of shade, and just an all-around beautiful park to have your pictures taken! There are plenty of steps around the park leading to different areas, that make for great dynamic photos, and stairs can be especially great for extended family shoots.

Neff's Canyon

4326 White Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Neff’s canyon is another hike that doubles as Utah Photographer’s best kept secret. This is definitely one of the best place to take pictures in Salt Lake City if you love the outdoors and want to capture that in your photographs. Taking pictures here will get you beautiful big trees with their roots, clean easy trail paths, and breathtaking mountain views in the background.

This location also offers multiple different trails from the main parking lot that offer slightly different looks. It is located right off the 215 highway in Salt Lake City, and after driving through a quiet neighborhood, you end up at a parking lot with a few trails going in different directions. 

Depending on how adventurous you want to be will depend on the final look of your photographs. We recommend this place for sure though!  

Silver Lake

8074 E Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Brighton, UT 84121

Silver lake is the only location mentioned with a big open lake perfect for pictures. It has a beautiful walkway across and around the lake. It has gorgeous mountain views, amazing trees in the background. This is perfect for wedding photos, first look, engagement, couple portraits, and family! It can be a little bit of a drive, but it is worth it. It is truly one of the best places to take pictures in salt lake city.

Be respectful of the Land

Keep in mind that everybody loves to find the best places in to take pictures in Salt Lake City, and it is so important to contribute to the preservation of these special spots when you visit them. Whether you go on an adventure yourself to take pictures, or you’re bringing clients, or you are a client going with one of our Top Utah Photographers… please remember to follow all the posted signs and remember that photographers are not an exception to the rules when enjoying the beautiful land Utah has to offer! Enjoy the best places to take pictures in Salt Lake City!

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