7 Best Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

7 Newborn Prop Ideas

7 Best Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

Newborn Photography prop ideas can be a little hard to come up with. Coming up with props or photo ideas can be hard! It seems that most people either don’t know where to start or they are tired of their same old newborn photography prop ideas that they have used too many times!

Don’t worry, we have the best newborn photography prop ideas for you! Our newborn photographer does a great job using professionalism and creativity to create amazing photos like the ones featured!

#1 – A Basket with Blankets

7 Best Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

This is a classic look and prop but it still is such a staple for newborn photography that you really can’t go wrong. Grab any basket you have with some newborn blankets, a cozy little outfit, and you’re on your way to a great photoshoot. Make sure you have a great newborn photographer as well!

#2 - An Infant Sized Bed

Infant Bed Prop Idea

I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a tiny infant laying on a vintage bed frame that is just the perfect size for their little body. The little pillow with the matching comforter just tie it all together so perfectly.

A little newborn photography prop ideas secret is that a lot of cute finds like this bed are found in the dolls and dress-up sections of stores. You can even find some great items at second hand thrift stores.

#3 - Greenery or a Large Wreath

7 Newborn Prop Ideas

Something about greenery in a photo makes it so beautiful. It brings natural elements into the same space with something as brand new and fresh as a newborn baby.

Greenery seems to always neutralize the photo and bring a sense of peace into the space. For the same reason we love having greenery in our modern homes, we love having it in our newborn shoots as well!

#4 - Tulle Fabric

Newborn Photography Props

Obviously if you have an airplane, it makes for adorable newborn photography prop ideas, but if you don’t, that is okay too! Because what also makes for a great prop is the tulle fabric made to look like clouds in this photo is absolutely adorable. 

Tulle fabric can be used for many different looks in assisting newborn props. It can be made to look like clouds in this photo by Em J Photography, or it can be made into a cute little newborn TuTu. It can be made into a backdrop, or used as something for the baby to lay on instead of the normal blanket. Get creative and use tulle fabric in your future newborn shoot.

#5 - Little Trinkets or Memory Box Items

Memory Box Prop Idea

This little heart makes all the difference in this photograph. Find little things from the hospital or small sentimental gifts to include in your newborn’s photoshoot! Even if it is not the main focus in the photo, using something sentimental can make all the difference when looking back at these photos. 

My son was given a handmade blanket when he was born, and although not the main focus, we still used it in his newborn photos and now it is his favorite blanket. I love that I have those sweet photos of him when he was born with the blanket that is his comfort item now.

#6 - The Parent's Work Clothing or Uniform

Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

This baby’s parent is in the military and Em J Photography used the uniform, as well as the American flag to add character to the picture. But, almost any uniform would be cute! You could add nurse scrubs with a stethoscope, or firefighter boots and hat! Get creative with parent’s job clothing!

#7 - A Farmhouse Style Bucket

Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

The great thing about newborn babies is their little bodies are so malleable, that you can fit them into objects like this bucket. They are comfortable in this tiny little space. Having a cute bucket like this for your photoshoot can give you a reference later on when your baby grows, for just how tiny your little baby really was when they were brand new in the world.

More Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

Cute newborn outfits and props can give a professional newborn shoot a fully finished and polished look to your newborn photos. These photos were all taken in an in-home studio which just goes to show how beautiful you can make your photos with the right photographer and the right props!

Em J Photography, who provides mothers with the most precious gift of newborn photos, gives us a glimpse into her creativity through these photos. She always keeps the personality of the family in mind when planning her shoots and coming up with fun newborn photography prop ideas. 

All photos were provided by our newborn photographer, Em J Photography.

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