13 Best Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah

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13 Best Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah


There are many photo spots in Utah that work perfectly for a photoshoot. But when taking your senior photos, you want to find the perfect spot! Some people want an urban style photo shoot for their senior pictures, and some love being surrounded by nature for their senior pictures. Some seniors love to include their high school and maybe sports, while others don’t.

The best thing about a high school senior graduation photoshoot, is there is a ton of room for creativity. When you become an adult, you tend to get more boring and more similar to the people around you as the years go by. When you’re about to graduate, you are full of excitement about experiencing all the things the world offers. And capturing where you are at in that specific time of your life is so fun.

You’re probably wondering where are the Best Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah. You could be wanting to capture your high school, or capture a sport or hobby you did in high school. Depending on what you want to capture, there will be many different spots that work for your needs. But we will go through a few different versatile spots!

#1 – High School Sports Field

If you played sports in high school, you’ll probably want to capture some aspect of that part of your high school career. If you played basketball, you could go to the basketball gym when it is not being used and have a fun photoshoot in your basketball uniform. Or if you played football or track, you can go to the football field and throw some footballs. You could apply this to any sport or hobby as well!

Football Athlete Senior Pictures Utah

Additional styles for this setting could be dressing up in fancier clothes and going to the same spot to take some pictures. For example, going to the track in a pretty dress with heels and having the track in the background.

#2 – Provo Wall Murals

Throughout downtown Provo, there are many locations with fun wall murals and creative street art. This would be one of the best places to take senior pictures in Utah because it is a fun place to pose for pictures anyway and would make a naturally fun environment for someone who loves art or wants a colorful, artsy look for their senior pictures.

#3 – Sundance Ski Lift

Sundance ski lift would be a great photoshoot spot for a fun photoshoot. There is obviously snow in the winter, but it is also beautiful in the summer time with big green trees and luscious mountains. You also don’t have to be a skier or snowboarder to go and benefit from the beautiful surroundings there.

If you need a great photographer to capture your beautiful senior pictures or give you more ideas for places to take senior pictures in Utah, then contact Sarah Lunt! Check out more of her photos here.  

#4 – Stewart Falls

Stewart falls is a classic place in Utah to have your photos taken! It features a beautiful waterfall with a peaceful hike leading up to it. There are plenty of opportunities there for pictures.

Having your senior pictures done at this spot will give you a fresh and natural look to your photos! Contact Sarah Lunt to see some of the photos she has done here and in similar places in Utah.

#5 – Downtown Salt Lake City

Parking Garage Photography

There are many specific spots throughout downtown Salt Lake City that are great for taking senior photos. The most important thing is communicating with your photographer what you want and making sure that they can give you the look you are going for! The more specific you are about the kind of look you want, the better your photos will look to you! Make sure to find the right photographer.

One of the best places to take senior pictures in Utah is for sure downtown Salt Lake City. I’ve already mentioned a few places, but since there are so many, I thought I would give a few extra that are in the general area of downtown, and easy to walk to from each other. These places include The Avenues, which is a fun neighborhood with greenery and alphabetically organized street names. The Avenues neighborhood is right by Capital Building which is another great and fun place to take photos. You can also stop by some of the Salt Lake City murals that are throughout the city. You will probably have luck just driving or walking around and looking for a fun wall mural. There is a place called the Exchange place which is also really fun for some edgy urban photos!

If you would like some more ideas for downtown areas, contact our Senior Portrait photographer! She has great prices and everyone who shoots with her, LOVES their experience!

#6 – Salt Lake City Public Library

The Salt Lake City public library is a fun place to go with architecture that might surprise you. It is a very fun space for a creative photographer, and will definitely make for a fun senior photoshoot. It also has potential for a fun shoot with some books, especially if books is your thing as a senior! Contact Sarah Lunt, our senior portrait photographer for more details if this is something that sounds like one of the Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah that you would like to go!

#7 – Liberty Park

Liberty Park is right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It has a few ponds, and even a greenhouse that is just gorgeous to photograph! There is a pathway to walk on and plenty of space to work photography magic! If you want to do a photoshoot with somewhat natural colors and elements, but don’t quite want to go hiking in one of the nearby canyons, this would be a great spot!

#8 – Memory Grove Park

Memory grove park is also one of the great Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah because of its easy access and versatility as well! It is right nearby downtown Salt Lake and will give you a fun fresh photoshoot!

#9 – Tunnel Springs Park

Canyon Utah Photography

Tunnel Springs Park is a favorite for Utah Photographers, and for good reason. It is absolutely gorgeous up there. Depending on the style of your photographer, and the time of year you get your pictures taken, will depend on the exact look you get when taking photos up there. But I have never seen photos of seniors, or anybody for that matter, that I didn’t like! It makes the photographer’s job easy when shooting at a location as pretty as this! Well, there is still a lot that goes into making your photos perfect, but pretty locations like Tunnel Springs Park sure make for a great time for everybody!

#10 – Gardner Village

Gardner Village is one of those just fun Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah. It is like a little town of its own with shops, a petting zoo, barn buildings, and just an all around cute venue. There are a lot of options

#11 – Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is for sure one of the beautiful Places to Take Senior Pictures in Utah. It is possibly exactly what it sounds like, but it exceeds your expectations when you see it in real life. The beautiful stream, with the amazing colors! I can’t get enough when visiting this place and it is even more beautiful when captured by our senior photographer, Sarah Lunt! She does an amazing job capturing the natural colors, and especially in the fall it is just gorgeous!

#12 – Trolley Square

This is such a great place for senior photos because there is so many cool textures and architectural buildings that make for a really cool look. Many find themselves taking pictures next to the classic brick wall, or by the trains, or in the midst of the restaurants. There is even some opportunity for taking pictures inside. There is trees, steps for dimension in the pictures, and more. If you get the chance, you should definitely get pictures done at Trolley Square.

Senior Pictures Utah

Overall, this is definitely one of my personal favorites to go and take pictures. If you’re interested in taking senior pictures, contact our senior portrait photographer today!

#13 – Bountiful Peak

Bountiful Peak is a great place to go for senior pictures. It is north of Salt Lake City, and a little bit up the canyon. But the views and scenery is totally worth it! You’ll find great open spaces and you’ll be surrounded by nature and classic Utah mountain views.

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