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People travel from all across Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and even further to have their loved ones photographed by these artists. Each one of them is extremely passionate about what they do and they have the experience you want in a photographer. 

To be a great photographer, you need more than a camera. You need to be able to make your client’s comfortable, have the artistic eye, and provide an experience. Make sure you hire someone that will give you these things! We know that our SLC Photographers can provide you with the amazing pictures you desire!


Meet Our Newborn SLC Photographer

Hey I’m Emily of Em J Photography. I am a mama of four and I am married to a beast of a bearded man who treats me like gold. I have been an artist as long as I can remember, always finding a creative outlet of some kind to occupy my time. About 8 years ago I discovered a love for photography. About 6 years ago I did my first newborn session and never turned back. I love everything about my job; there’s really nothing better than snuggling sweet new lives and creating art for their exhausted mamas. 

So much of new parenthood is a blur, so it’s paramount to have albums and images to freeze that newness and be able to always look back. (When they become teenagers you’ll want to look often 😉 ) It makes me so happy to give such a wonderful gift to families. Memories captured are best remembered. 

Emily Julander

Senior Portraits

Meet Our Senior Portrait SLC Photographer

Growing up I always loved taking pictures.  I would take my mom’s film camera and snap the craziest things.  So no surprise that I wanted to turn that into a career.  In 2006 I started Sarah Lunt Photography and have not looked back!  Senior portraits are such a rite of passage and I want to change the standard.  

Expressing who you are is most important to me and of course, looking great helps too!  I want you to feel like you belong on the cover of a magazine, to look and even, more importantly, feel amazing.  There is nothing better and more uplifting to me than to see the confidence of a high school senior stepping out into the world.  I love every minute of it!  To me, portrait photography is all about capturing emotions, personalities, and the dynamics of various relationships.  And when I photograph you and your loved ones, that’s always my goal!

Sarah Lunt


Meet Our Wedding SLC Photographer

I have been doing photography for over 10 years. I have a loving, sarcastic husband and six kids! Yes, 6 crazy, athletic, adventurous kids who are all unique in their own way. I have four grandkids and I love having a job as a photographer to be able to prioritize time with my family, as well as pursue my passions! I started out photographing my kids at their various activities and it grew into something I really enjoyed doing. As I met more people that needed my services, I found my passion in Wedding Photography. For many SLC photographers, what seems repetitive on a bride’s wedding day, are often the same things that I find uniqueness in. Every single wedding is different and even similar venues, personalities, and wedding reception games, can all be found unique in my eyes because of the unique love each couple shares for each other that nobody else can share.

Utah Photography Blog

I am so honored to be considered one of the best SLC photographers. Each wedding is special, and I love to make each bride and groom feel on top of the world on their special day. I take time to get to know each couple before their day, as well as their priorities when it comes to what they want captured in photographs. Getting to know my clients ensures that I capture what is important to THEM, whether that be the fun people are having on the dance floor, capturing their elderly loved ones that were able to attend, or capturing the details of the flowers and homemade decorations. Every couple has a different idea of what they want to be sure to capture on their wedding day and I am sure to know those priorities before the day begins!

Shauna Warrick

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